June 2022


We are asked this question so often and for the right spot, patches work a treat which explains why they have become so popular in our skincare routines!

A really easy way to calm a zit down, this amazing treatment is known by many names; hydrocolloid blemish patches, pimple patches, acne patches, spot dots, zit stickers or spot stickers – every brand names them slightly differently, but they are really straight forwards to use and so satisfying once its done its job! They are one of those products that you can keep for emergencies (as you always break out right when you least want to) or have as part of a blemish focussed routine! We love them and so we thought we’d share a bit more information on what hydrocolloid blemish patches are and how they work.


As with many fabulous skincare trends (that become a routine must have) Korean beauty aficionados really elevated this simple technology to its current skincare hero status, taking a product from the medical world and bringing into skincare, helping so many people with breakouts!

But what exactly is Hydrocolloid technology and how does it work?

  • Hydrocolloid technology was originally created to help heal wounds in the 80’s

  • Because they are flexible and water resistant, they made an excellent protective layer

  • Bandages made from hydrocolloid strips would draw out the impurities of a wound and create a moist environment for skin allowing enzymes to heal (which is a good thing), compared to using a dry bandage on a wound, which would dry and stick, causing more damage (definitely not a good thing)

  • Hydrocolloid is often referred to as ‘interactive’ due to how it draws out all the pus and impurities


So, clearly a great addition to the medical industry but do you know why you should be using Hydrocolloid technology to treat your blemishes?

Social media absolutely loves a good spot patch removal as they are almost as good to watch as @drpimplepopper do her stuff 😊 but how have they become an essential treatment for breakouts?

Here's the low down on why you need these amazing little stickers to help you combat your breakouts: 

  • Blemish patches use Hydrocolloid technology purposefully to help to speed up the healing process of your breakouts

  • Hydrocolloids contain gel-forming agents so will stick to your skin whilst providing a hydrated gel over your spot to heal and protect your skin whilst leaving delicate skin around the blemish hydrated and moist

  • Leaving a blemish patch on, over your spot, whether overnight or wearing in the day, will guard and protect your blemish against dirt, your fingers and pollution, protecting your skin from bacteria and helping to prevent infection

  • They work to extract / draw the gunk out of your spot (everybody’s favourite part!), like pus and sebum which, reducing the appearance of your spot whilst being kind to your skin


So, now you know the science behind pimple patches, you now need to know how to use them. The temptation to pop and pick at your spots is always high - we get it - but dirt and bacteria build up can make your breakout inflammations worse so by following a few key points, you’ll be able to calm your spots down and protect your skin at the same time: 

  • 01

    Wash your face

    Begin by cleansing your face toensure skin is clean and dirt free

  • 02

    Apply the patch

    On to dry skin, with clean hands apply the patch directly over your blemish

  • 03

    Leave it alone

    Leave your blemish patch on for8+ hours so the patch fully absorbs the gunk out of your spot and your blemishhas reduced in appearance.

What if you spot is popped? Don’t worry, they work really well in this case as they can draw out impurities a bit quicker. Its recommended not to pop spots to avoid scarring but, well we are all human so these work just as well either way.

Blemish patches are a great addition, as a targeted treatment in your skincare regime – you can dip in and out of them whenever you have a whitehead appear. If you are experiencing breakouts on a regular basis, it is worth being consistent and following a skincare routine every am + pm to help keep your skin hydrated and blemish-free. Over time, having a daily essential skincare routine will help to minimise breakouts and blemishes but if they do continue, go seek medical advice – your local healthcare professionals can advise you on what you can do as a next step.

Now you know how spot patches work and how much you need them in your life 😊 you’re going to want to buy some (we don’t blame you!).

Clear Skin Days Hydrocolloid Blemish Clearing Patches will be your skins new best friend. One pack comes with 52 patches included, separated into 2 separate resealable patches so ideal for travelling or when you’re on the go. Each pack comes with 4 different blemish patch sizes so they can be used on small blemishes or can target large areas on your skin.

Our Hydrocolloid Blemish Clearing Patches are subtle and thin meaning you can where them out in the day due to them being unnoticeable or you can even where them underneath your makeup!


We hope that you've found this blog helpful - if you have any questions or would like to share your skincare journey with us, we'd love to hear from you. You can get in touch via the form below or by DM on IG. 




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