Clear Skin Days | Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches | 4 sizes, 52 patches in total
Hydrocolloid Blemish Clearing Patches - Clear Skin Days
Hydrocolloid Blemish Clearing Patches - Clear Skin Days
Hydrocolloid Blemish Clearing Patches - Clear Skin Days
Hydrocolloid Blemish Clearing Patches - Clear Skin Days
Hydrocolloid Blemish Clearing Patches - Clear Skin Days
Hydrocolloid Blemish Clearing Patches - Clear Skin Days

Hydrocolloid Blemish Clearing Patches

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We all know that picking spots is a no-go, but when a whitehead appears it's pretty tempting! That's why these clear, handy patches are a must-have to help to speed up the blemish healing process, stopping you from touching spots which can introduce bacteria and worsen breakouts. Available in 4 sizes for individual spots or larger areas of breakouts.
Use in the spot growth stage to help reduce inflammation and calm breakouts.
For all skin types.
  • 100% Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Fragrance Free


Our discreet Hydrocolloid spot patches help to speed up the blemish healing process to rapidly reduce appearance of redness, inflammation and whiteheads.

Each pimple patch helps to draw out impurities like pus and sebum, while keeping the area under moist and shielded from dirt to promote skin healing and prevent scarring.

As a bonus, the larger strips can be used in the reduction of Sebaceous Filaments  

Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch Draws out impurities to rapidly reduce
appearance of blemishes 

4 discreet patch sizes Target individual blemishes or larger areas
of breakouts 

Shields from dirt & bacteria To heal skin and prevent scarring

Cleanse and fully dry your skin, its important that the skin is clean so no dirt is trapped under the patch.

For best results, use on a whiteheads. For hormanal, under the skin breakouts, use our Blemish Cream

With clean hands, apply the patch directly over your blemish.

Leave on for 8+ hours until the patch has fully absorbed the whitehead and blemish has reduced

The patch can be replaced with a second if required

Place the sachets and patches into your normal household waste - currently, they are not recyclable, but we're working on it

Flatten and place your carton into your paper recycling

Polyacrylic Acid, Aqua, Cellulose Gum, Glycerin, Urea, Aluminium Glycinate

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Spot patches

Personally I think I mostly bought these as they are such a great spot patch for a cheap budget but if you were to ask me do they work well? I would say NAH because they don’t stick down onto your skin well at all and the absorption of gunk they will only form a white cast of oils and the spot will remain on your forehead or wherever no matter how many times you reapply.Not satisfied whatsoever do not waste your money 🤦‍♀️


great product and will probably buy again

thank you so much for your review!

Kayleigh Stirland

The patches are fantastic!! I put a patch on and left it overnight for 8 hours + and it has reduced the size of the blemish, not only this these are also perfect to wear during the day as once in your skin you can see them.
Well done on creating such a fantastic range

A must have!

When I first started using Clear Skin Days products I was in the middle of a bad breakout so I got to try these patches out right away and wow they are so good! The first month of using a combination of the products I was still getting breakouts so I used these patches a lot and they work wonders. Visibly reduce redness and swelling by a lot! Also so handy at stopping me from touching my spots and making them worse! I have been using clear skin days products for a few months now and I've not had to use the patches very much recently as my skin is a lot clearer but I still have a stash of them just in case!


love these so much, i was recommend by a friend so tried them out and LOVED these, draws out all impurities leaving your spots flat and soothed