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fresh summer skin prep

Dealing with acne & breakout prone skin or oily breakouts in warm weather can be daunting, but the right skincare prep will help you feel summer-skin ready.

Use an AHA cleanser to exoliate dead skin cells and clear pores for a fresh, skin base.

Add a gentle BHA PHA serum to brighten and hydrate without drying skin.

Quench skin with a light jelly moisturiser to hydrate and prime skin with a gentle matte finish.

Finally, finish with an SPF formulated for breakout prone skin to keep skin protected from UV damage.

REal skin 💛 real results


I have been using this Spot Paste for just a couple of days (in replacement of toothpaste...) on my blemishes and WOW this product really works! I put on before bed and when I woke up, my spots were reduced hugely! Extremely impressed and will be my go to spot treatment now!


Spot on, or should I say spot gone! This Spot Paste works without drying out my skin


Have brought The Ultimate Essentials 2 times now - really good, suits my skin, spots reduced loads. Will buy again!!

Sidra H

Love the texture of this moisturiser being a lightweight gel. As someone with oily skin, it feels very refreshing and leaves my skin soft but matte.

Kelly A.

I swear by these Patches ! I get a lot of whiteheads so these pimple patches are brilliant. They stop me touching and popping my spots and wearing a spot sticker leaves my spots a lot less red and angry. Can't believe how much gunk they extract out of my spots. And I love the different sizes of acne stickers you get in this pack!

Millie T

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