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We've all experienced it – skin breakouts causing confusion about which products to trust. Navigating skin breakouts and endless product options can be overwhelming. But fear not! Our step-by-step guide simplifies the process, from identifying your skin type to finding the perfect products for you.


First things first: identifying your skin type. 

It's as easy as washing your face, giving it some time to settle, and then noticing how it feels. You might find it feels dry or starts getting oily. Once you've got a handle your most likely skin type, you can start hunting for skincare products that cater specifically to your skin's needs.

It's important to remember that as a teenager, you might notice that your skin type can vary due to hormonal changes. In particular, breakouts may become a common issue, with increasing oil production leading to blocked pores and breakout flare ups, whiteheads and blackheads. These types of skin fluctuations are completely normal, and you're not alone in this journey. Acne affects 85% of young adults aged 12–25 years, proving just how common it truly is.


Sometimes hormonal changes might make you feel powerless over your skin, but knowing if there are particular triggers for breakouts —such as puberty hormones, dietary factors and the stress hormone cortisol which can increase oil production and aggravate your skin—can give you some insight. And while you can't control your hormones directly, you can control your skincare routine. 

Our basic top tips to get your skincare routine started:

Simple Routines: By sticking to a simple routine that doesn't trigger breakouts by impacting your natural skin barrier, you'll be better equipped to combat the effects of hormonal changes and maintain a healthy complexion. Start by cleansing with a mild cleanser and following up with a light, oil free moisturiser. Once you have these staples feel free to layer in additional treatment products if you find you need to target any existing blemishes.

Don't Overload with Lots of Skincare Actives: A basic starting point is to avoid fragrances and essential oils, as these can cause irritation and pore blockage. Stasrt by focusing on gentler products with fewer ingredients can clear your skin, and focus on the key skin clearing ingredients such as Niacinamide and Salicylic Acid, Ceramides to strengthen the skin barrier, and Hyaluronic Acid for hydration. Don't overuse strong skincare actives, particularly exfoliants, as they dry out the skin and make breakouts worse if used incorrectly.

understanding skin myths  

Let's debunk some skin myths, so you can start building skincare routines without some common misinformation leading you down the wrong track:

Myth 1: Oily skin shouldn't be moisturised. Here's the truth: hydration and oiliness are not the same thing. Skipping moisturiser with oily skin won't solve the problem; instead, it'll leave your skin feeling dry, irritated, and still oily. Without moisture, your skin will produce even more oil to compensate. 

Myth 2: Breakouts are only a teenage issue. Breakouts can continue into your adulthood, and this isn’t an awful thing, it can regulate itself but will probably fluctuate throughout your life. 

Myth 3: Dry skin requires more oil-based products. While dry skin may lack natural oils, it still craves moisture. Using facial oils alone won't do the trick. It's best to apply moisturiser in the morning and facial oil at night to keep your skin hydrated and balanced. 

Myth 4:Popping spots makes them go away sooner. Squeezing spots and blackheads can lead to additional inflammation, infection, and scarring.


Keep it simple with Clear Skin Days. It is important to use simple routines focused on clearing breakouts while protecting your natural skin barrier. By sticking to this 3 step routine you can do just that.

Clear Skin Days Clarifying Cleanser: This is a non-abrasive cleanser suitable for any skin type, formulated to deep clean skin and unclog pores of dirt and excess oils to help prevent blemishes & blackheads, and clear breakouts fast.

Clear Skin Days Clarifying Toner: A lightweight toner to help soothe skin after cleansing. This toner removes any excess impurities left on the skin after cleansing, unclogs pores and hydrates for a brighter complexion.

Clear Skin Days Mattifying Barrier Moisturiser; A refreshing gel moisturiser with that helps to reduce excess oil, blemishes, and blackheads as well as hydrate and soothe skin.

SPF; Add your preferred SPF over your moisturiser to protect your skin from any harmful UV rays!

Add on teen skin breakout treatments:

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We hope that you've found this blog helpful - if you have any questions or would like to share your skincare journey with us, we'd love to hear from you. You can get in touch via the form below or by DM on IG. 




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