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If you've read through our previous blog, WHAT IS MY SKIN TYPE, you're now in the best position to select the right routine and products to start your skincare routine.

Skincare doesn't need to be complicated - we believe that simple is best, keeping things consistent and ingredients to a minimum (take a look at our other blog, WHY 12 OR LESS RAW INGREDIENTS) but each skin type needs a slightly different approach.

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There are FOUR skin types

In general, there are four skin types that the skincare industry works with - you can fall into one or a couple of these skin types dependant on your genetics, age, hormones or specific health conditions and in some cases, stress, your sleep cycle, environment and lifestyle factors.


    Shiny sheen over most of your face, like you’ve put on too much highlighter


    A shiny forehead, nose and / or chin with drier cheeks


    Your skin looks matte, and isn’t uncomfortable, tight or itchy


    Your skin feels tight or itchy, looks a little flaky and lines are showing

how to care for oily skin

Mostly caused by oil (sebum) production that in overdrive, oily skin may have a shiny appearance. 

Because of this overproduction of oil, pores are more easily blocked which means more blackheads, breakouts, and blemishes. 

Sometimes this isn’t just concentrated to your face but can also affect your neck, shoulders, chest and back. 



    Important to clear away dirt and deep clean pores, especially at night before bed so that your skin can recover and repair 


    A good cleanser will start the process, but a Toner and Serum can help keep the pores clear and brighten your complexion, as sometimes oily skin can look dull


    Oily skin needs moisturising, there is a lot of misinformation that oily skin doesn’t need a moisturiser but like all skin types, its needs a lightweight texture to lock in hydration and keep it healthy


    Cleanse oily skin before and after exercising to keep the pores nice and clear and keep blackheads and breakouts at bay!  

how to care for COMBINATION skin

If your forehead, nose and chin (known as the T-zone because of the shape of the 3 areas combined) are oilier whilst you checks are normal or dry, you have Combination skin. 

This means blackheads, breakouts and blemishes could be concentrated in the T-zone area but not on your cheeks.



    As this is a juggling act, you need a cleanser that can work across both areas without aggravating the normal / drier areas – so go for a gentle exfoliator / cleanser with skin friendly acids and something to soften the skin like Aloe Vera. 


    Chemical acid toners and serums will again help here as they can be used more on the areas where needed the most (T-zone and cheeks) with a swipe over the other areas. 


    Moisturise with a lightweight texture to avoid blocked pores 


    Keep an eye on your skin to make sure the products are working for you. The wrong combo and each skin type could get worse, leading to breakouts and redness

how to care for dry skin

Caused by a lack of sebum, dry skin is often dull, experiences redness, is tight, itchy and because of the lack of oil, is prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Aging skin can also become drier but its not always the case (menopausal skin or hormonal breakouts can change the skins behaviours for a short or long period of time). Drier skin can still experience breakouts and blemishes, so the format of the products and the ingredients within need to be right for this skin type.  



    Avoid a foaming cleanser and opt for a cream cleanser or a balm. Cleansing oils are excellent as they will cleanse but not strip your skin. You’re looking for your cleanser to do its job but leave your skin soft and nourished 


    If you’re experiencing break outs or have dull skin – use the right kind of skin friendly acids. Lactic acid is a gentle AHA perfect for dry skin, as well as PHAs as they are super gentle, effective for even sensitive skin 


    Your skin barrier is more at risk as its lacking in hydration, so you need a soothing, hydrating formulation that won’t block your pores but also helps to balance your pH levels 


    Make sure you select fragrance free skin care products and apply moisturiser to damp skin.

how to care for NORMAL skin

Your skin is fairly balanced, its consistent in appearance and oil production, with few breakouts or blemishes and no dry or flaky patches to be concerned about. 



    Routine is still needed – don’t be complacent, cleanse and moisturise, using serums to give added health benefits to your skin 


    If you do get the occasional breakout, use a gentle overnight product to help get a bit of control back. Don’t ignore it, as a lack of routine or exfoliation could be the problem 


    Don’t take it for granted – you need to be consistent with your skincare just as any other skin type – avoid dehydration and sun burn to keep your skin healthy


    Use your PM routine to take care of skin concerns like fine lines and wrinkles - prevention is always the best approach.


We hope that you've found this blog helpful - if you have any questions or would like to share your skincare journey with us, we'd love to hear from you. You can get in touch via the form below or by DM on IG. 




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