Why Change Your Skin Care For The Cold Weather

Most people will experience skin changes as we transition into winter. Our skin - both face & body, can feel dry and irritated, but why? Here we highlight the common culprits causing these unwanted skin symptoms.

Baby it’s cold outside


Whilst we might love cranking up the central heating to escape the cold winter nights, this can actually dehydrate our skin because heat removes moisture from the air.

This is particularly problematic for thinner areas of our skin with fewer oil glands - i.e. undereye and lips which become more vulnerable to dryness!


It’s the humidity (or lack of it) !

Hard to believe but winter air is drier - so as the temperatures drops, so does the humidity which means our skin suffers with a loss of moisture. When our skin loses its protective moisture barrier, it becomes weaker leading to cracks in the outer layer, loss of more hydration and potentially inflammation. Air conditioning doesn’t help here either - this processed air is much drier so unless you have a humidifier, best to have some moisture relief to hand! Who knew winter could be this harsh on our skin??

Because you’re hot & you’re cold…

Sudden fluctuations can lead to sensitised skin. Note, sensitised skin, unlike sensitive skin, is caused by our environment rather than genetics, although the symptoms are the same. Moving from the cold frosty outside air into a warm heated house, can cause your skin to become irritated, with dry and red patches – all signs of sensitised skin.

Steaming hot….showers

What better way to warm into a cold winter day than taking a long hot shower?

But did you know that this habit could suck the moisture out of your skin if you don’t moisturise immediately after, potentially leading to parched skin. Hot water basically opens pores and can leave your skin more prone to irritation and bacteria - a cooler shower tightens pores and reduces the excessive products of sebum and any bacteria that could aggravate your breakouts.

Too many layers

Winter itch is not the nicest sounding thing in the world and whilst it is important to shield our bodies from the harsh winter weather with the appropriate clothing and accessories, wearing too many layers or unsuitable fabrics, such as wool, can worsen the irritation to dry skin. Moisture is key - make sure you’re gently exfoliating, moisturising and wearing breathable layers.


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