Top Skin Care Tips For Cold Weather

In our blog Winter Skincare - Why you need to Switch Up Your Skincare Routine, we explained how the change in weather and temperature dropping can negatively affect our skin. Here we look at what can be done to help avoid these skin symptoms:


To help prevent dehydrated skin caused by central heating and lack of humidity, you could try keeping a bowl of boiled water in the room, as the steam will increase moisture in the air and keep skin hydrated!

We’re also loving the trend of beauty snacking at the moment! You could keep a moisturiser nearby for hydration top up’s throughout the day! Our Mattifying Barrier Moisturiser is packed with ingredients essential to help combat winter skin stressors. It contains Vitamin B5 to help lock in hydration and help restore the skin’s barrier function. It also contains an anti-pollution complex to protect skin and shield it from external aggressors which can cause skin irritation.

If you opt for a heavier moisturiser in cold weather, using boosters within your regime is a great way of adding blemish control whilst still using your preferred winter moisturiser. Our Blemish Control Drops can reduce breakouts and help to keep skin calm. Formulated with Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide and Zinc, the drops can be splashed into your daily moisturiser to help keep breakouts at bay, even through the winter months.

Your diet can also play a role in hydration, and diuretics such as wine and coffee can cause dehydration! So as much as we love winter coffee specials and that glass of red vino by the fire, it is better for our skin to keep the drinking to a minimum. If, like us, that perhaps isn’t totally realistic to stick to over the Christmas period, then at least try drinking lots of water to combat dehydration!

Cleansing 101

When it comes to face and body washing, it’s best to avoid over-cleansing to protect our skin’s natural oils that are needed to strengthen your skin’s barrier, which is particularly important in winter. Another important step within a winter skin regime is to make sure that you apply moisturising products straight after cleansing to replace water loss - serums and moisturisers are key!

Gentle Exfoliation

To prep your skin in the best way to take on loads of moisture. Light exfoliation is key to removing dead skin cells and helping the penetration of much-needed moisturisers! Mild acids that work gently on the skin are great to use in the winter months.

Our Clarifying Toner contains Lactic Acid which helps remove dead skin cells and improve skin texture. It’s also combined with Amino-Acid derivatives to help balance our skin's barrier, helping to safeguard skin against the harsh winter weather.  

Glycolic Acid is another great ingredient for effective exfoliation. You can find this in our Clarifying Serum and Cleanser. Our Cleanser also contains Aloe Vera extract to help hydrate and soothe skin.

Skin sensitivity

Our skin is likely to feel drier and irritated over winter and so it is best to avoid certain ingredients that could flare up sensitised skin. Avoid using formulations with alcohol and fragrance and use fewer products with gentle ingredients as part of your regime. The ClearSkinDays range uses 12 ingredients or less to help balance skin and minimise irritation. A simple routine will help provide skin with the essential ingredients it needs, without compromising your skin’s barrier.

And don’t forget...

SPF is an all-year-round must and shouldn’t be skipped in Winter!  Despite there being less sun and darker nights, UV light can still harm our skin, so make sure sunscreen is added each morning of at least spf 30.

If you want to know more or need a bit of advice, get in touch and say hi at We’d love to hear from you x



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