How to care for blemish prone skin

Brushing off a spot as no big deal, or being #acnepositive, is an incredible perspective to have! It’s the place we all should be, but speaking from personal experience, we know that a breakout can be frustrating and can impact how you feel about yourself. This can lead us to frantically searching for quick fixes or hiding our skin away.

And it’s important to remember that everyone’s skin goes through periods of change - stress, hormones or even mask wearing can have an effect. 

If you are experiencing painful or frequent breakouts then you may need some specialist support - speaking to your doctor or dermatologist can help if you need medically advised treatments but if you don’t feel that the medicated route is what you need, we wanted to share 3 steps to help you take back control of your skin and breakouts. 


The first step, is probably the hardest - acceptance. Not at all easy as you just want it gone but recent movement on Instagram this month - #acneawarenessmonth - has really highlighted how many people are accepting their skin for what it is and promoting the need for the beauty industry to focus on real skin!

@its_just_acne, @fayes_skin and @spottylittlething have been doing an incredible job in sharing their Skin Positivity, dispelling the stigma surrounding breakouts, and how everyone goes through it at different stages of life. Most importantly, having breakouts and blemishes is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s key to remember this to normalise the conversation around spots and blemishes, as around 85% of us are likely to experience breakouts at some point in our lives.

So, if you live with blemish prone skin, try to accept that it’s here and is going to be part of your skin for a little while. If you can make peace with that, and focus on how can you can help heal and take care of your skin, you’ll feel a bit more in control and less likely to over complicate the next steps.


Having regular breakouts can make you think you need to completely switch up your routine and add in plenty of miracle, quick fix products, when in fact routine is what your skin needs right now.  

If you are breaking out frequently, many experts advise to simplify your routine to help give your skin balance and structure. Our top tips are:

  • Stick to washing your face at morning and night (no more and no less!). If you only cleanse once, then night time is best to remove any pollution, oil and dirt that has built up during the day to stop pores becoming clogged and prone to breakouts. Also, we know at night our skin works its magic by repairing and healing, so it’s always good to cleanse ready for your night time skin routine.

  • Toner is going to be your new best friend! It’s a quick and easy step for after cleansing which helps exfoliate skin to remove excess oil and debris that can clog pores, and prepare your skin for moisturiser.

  • Hydrating & moisturising your skin after cleansing is key. If your skin is dry, then it may overcompensate and produce excess oil (which in turn can lead to clogged pores). Even if you have oily skin it is so important to keep your skin moisturised, in fact by skipping the moisturiser your skin will actually dry out and in turn rebound with more oil production, which can actually cause more breakouts.

  • If needed, target particular blemishes using a paste or patch.  

  • Avoid anything which will dry or strip your skin (leaving it feeling tight and uncomfortable). Even oily skin needs to be cleansed gently and moisturised to help balance the skin.

Remember, a routine takes time to establish. It’s so easy to give up when you don’t see an instant result - but most skincare takes at least 2 months to show results - perseverance and patience is key! 


So, we have accepted our breakouts as normal, continued our routines and taken care of our skin. Once your skin feels more under control, then you can gradually start to build other steps or products into your routine.

We recommend introducing any new products one at a time to make sure you aren’t throwing your skin off balance, and you can easily identify what does and doesn’t work for your skin.


Blemish prone skin, acne, spots - we get how frustrating it is but if you are able to move to a point of acceptance and adopt a simple, core skincare routine (which are the key recommendations from us) we honestly think this will help you feel more in control and help you on your skincare journey.


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